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Nikki Blak & Sera Miles Talk Self Care

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Here's the convo you need to watch before you put 2021 to bed: Nikki Blak & Sera Miles on sleep, pleasure, love languages, internalized oppression, imposter syndrome, happiness, longevity, & more.

We're so thrilled to present to you a deep delve into the minds of these two incredible women. Curl up in your favorite spot to watch. The recorded live conversation is available on the BECS Instagram.

Nikki Blak is a sociologist, artist, radical womanist, mama, & creator of @happyblackfolx + @happyfemmefolx. Guiding you to liberation through happiness.

We at BECS fiercely recommend following Nikki's work & taking the note to prioritize your happiness!

Sera Miles is CEO of People Exchanging Power (PEP), & Becoming, Education, Connection, & Support (BECS). She has presented at numerous higher education institutions across the US. She educates on relationship dynamics & a range of topics surrounding human sexuality & kink.


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