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J. Nina & Sera: Astrology as a Framework for Self Understanding

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

On our last Insta Live of 2021, we welcomed astrologer and holistic healer J. Nina Rose, to talk about using astrology as a framework for self understanding and development. Astrology is an ancient framework, intimately tied to astronomy. At BECS, we're not about arguing or even wondering as to whether astrology is "real"; we're interested in how it has aided and can help folks better understand themselves. Moreover, astrology is an incredible framework for *planning*. Here we are in the New Year - ready for some planning action.

Popular culture is inundated with memes and quips and notes about astrology, so we asked Nina: "Where does a beginner in astrology start their journey?"

Nina recommends starting with the planets and the 12 zodiac signs. Remember: everyone has every sign in their chart. Your sun sign is just the surface of your chart! Then, delve deeper into the mechanics of houses and the utilizations of varying astrological approaches, to more deeply understand your chart, and astrology as a whole.

Nina recommends that as you learn, you expand on your understanding of the signs and pay attention to transits. This app, she says, can be a great place to start:

Nina and Sera also talked about taking notes and journaling. The astrological calendar begins with the start of Spring in March. You've got plenty of time, then, to get a grasp of signs and planets, and to grab a notebook to start recording your thoughts, feelings, and memories with the start of the astrological new year. Journaling is such a critical tool for self examination and growth. You might take note of where the Sun and Moon are daily, in your journal. Then, in a year, you'll be able to look back at journal entries and examine how your emotions shifted with those major heavenly bodies.

Astrology is a complex, fascinating subject, and J. Nina Rose offers a multitude of classes and services, from readings to 1-on-1 astrology workshops.

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Learn more about Nina and her work at

You can always find J. Nina Rose at her website:

If astrology appeals to you, we encourage you to learn more and bring astrology into the panoply of frameworks you use for self growth! Happy 2022!


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