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BECS' FIRST Insta Live Welcomes Anarchist Librarian

Dec 2nd marks BECS' first Insta Live with a special guest! We welcomed Fiadh Leigh, creator and founder of The People's Library-ABQ. Fiadh prepped a great reading list of books centered on relationships, trauma, self examination, non-monogamy, and polyamory. At BECS, we believe in critically examining and moving beyond prescriptive heteronormativity & prescriptive monogamy; we believe in a multiplicity of ways to love, connect, share, grow, and be. Fiadh's Library shares our philosophy, and we were so thrilled to welcome her and showcase her work--a labor of love!--and the resources she's collected.

Visit our Instagram to see the full conversation, and check out the list below re: the books Fiadh presented. Sera & Fiadh also touched on parenting and the books in the Library that inform parents and children working against structural oppression and dismantling internalized privileges. We want you to know that The People's Library-ABQ is wholly dependent on community support. Please do consider becoming a Patreon, making a donation, and/or spreading the word. As Fiadh says in the Live, she loves most connecting a reader with a book they can't wait to read.


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