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We’re so glad you stopped by. Becoming: Education, Connection, & Support (BECS) is coming! Our formal opening—replete w/ a reception in Albuquerque—will be held on February 26, 2022. Til then, we'll be softly opening here & on social media. Please do follow us:

BECS provides pressure-free education on relationship dynamics, kink/BDSM/fetish, & self-development; we prioritize platforming sex workers as educators, facilitators, writers, & consultants. BECS content will include classes on video for download sale, in person workshops & panels, zoom classes, Ask Me Anything virtual & live events, articles, downloadable worksheets & journal prompts, & whatever else we dream up & create in our focus on helping people have more meaningful, resonant relationships w/ themselves & others. BECS explores topics ranging from non-monogamy to power dynamics, asexuality & aromanticism to kink negotiation, infidelity to boundary setting, & more.

As a complement to platforming sex workers, BECS also provides support for folx in the industry, particularly for sex workers who have ten or more years in the adult biz. Watch for special workshops & events geared toward professional development, camaraderie/connection, & support. 

Sera Miles is currently available for coaching, consulting, teaching & speaking engagements. See Sera’s rate sheet here.

BECS is the brainchild of Sera Miles; it would not exist w/o the brilliant minds w/ whom Sera has had the opportunity to work over her last 20 years in the adult industry & in kink/sexuality activism. Sera thanks the Ladies of PEP, Frida Miles, Max Rulz, Rusty C, Saint St James, & Fiadh Leigh for their support & inspiration. 























[Image Description: beige rectangle with watermark of olive leaves and scroll reads, "Becoming: education, connection, & support ~ Opening Reception: Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 4pm- 7pm Sera Miles & Beyond Studio 310 Washington SE Wine, Coffee, & Light Refreshments Served. Do arrive by 5:30pm for Announcements. RSVP by emailing]

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