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Sera Miles
Sera Miles with Book

About BECS

We’re so glad you stopped by!

At BECS, we provide pressure-free education, and we prioritize platforming sex workers as educators, facilitators, writers, and consultants. Watch for our classes on video for download sale, in person workshops & panels, zoom classes, Ask Me Anything virtual and live events, articles, downloadable worksheets and journal prompts, and everything else we dream up


BECS explores topics ranging from non-monogamy to power dynamics, asexuality and aromanticism to kink negotiation, infidelity to boundary setting, and more. We want you to feel supported in deeply knowing yourself, and in bringing that knowledge to the dynamics you choose to have in your life.

As a complement to platforming sex workers, BECS also provides support for folks in the industry, particularly for sex workers who have ten or more years in the adult biz. Watch for special workshops and events geared toward professional development, connection, and support. 

Sera Miles is currently available for coaching, consulting, teaching, and speaking engagements. 

BECS is the brainchild of Sera Miles; it would not exist without the brilliant minds with whom Sera has had the opportunity to work over her last 20+ years in the adult industry and in kink/ sexuality activism. Sera thanks the Ladies of PEP, Frida Miles, Max Rulz, Rusty C, Saint St James, and Fiadh Leigh for their support and inspiration.

At BECS, we believe that you have an inherent right to quality information about your desires, identity, needs, fantasies, and relationships.

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